Blog post from the train home

12th November

So, I’m just leaving Guildford, quite possibly the most boring, gray, concrete train station I ever seem to visit. The times 10:46 and the vending machines were totally empty, alas the thirst I’ve had since around Reading is still with me. Anyway, before this turns into a really boring blog/rant about trains and delays (I’ve had a couple the last few days) I shall move on.

In all honesty I ought to be getting on with writing a more engineering based CV and covering letter for Cisco but alas before I left I forgot to download Ben’s as a kind of template following Frank’s (lecturer) grilling of them. I must admit I thought my CV and letter were both fairly good but didn’t appreciate that actual engineers were going to look at them, in all honesty I was expecting HR to look at them. So I think I’ll get home, copy and paste this, press Post, then set the alarm for 7:30 and hit my pillow, well that’s the plan, if it happens I’ll let you know!

This weekends been good in many ways but I didn’t accomplish a few things I wished. I am really enjoying going to ‘proper home’. I like seeing my parents, it feels more like visiting friends, very good, very special friends and I really like that, in fact I cherish it. I love the way I can share jokes with my Dad and chat about things with my Mum. I even got roped into moving drums on Sunday but it was ok, haven’t done it in a while and it so was kind of cool being a ‘roady’ again!

On the accomplished side, I managed to pick up my old laptop that Ben and I are going to turn into a file/web server for development back at 31 Stansted Rd. I imagine it will be more web rather than file as it does have a rather tiny 30GB disk in it but it should work fine and it will be ‘cool’ in a very geeky way :) and surely worth it’s own post when it’s done! Managed to spend a really good evening with Kita and enjoy each others company, a really nice date, good meal, fairly decent restaurant, although they could have done with just one more member of staff when it got busy. Now I think about it, wish I could remember the name of the place, just in case any of you are looking for somewhere to get a good steak in Banbury. Talking of which, Kita’s new place :o, my chin hit the floor! My word it’s a nice place. I really should have gotten some photo’s but I’ll leave that up to her, after all it is her place, reminds me, still need to do some of mine! Also her flat mates seem really nice and I hope that she has now found a home for the time being. Finally got Kita’s Christmas present, but shhhh!

Stuff I didn’t manage to get done. Didn’t make it into the loft to look for Christmas decorations to nick for Portsmouth but I think that is now just an excuse to pop up early December for them and hopefully nab a mince pie or two! Didn’t manage to get my Cisco specific CV and covering letter attacked/finished so that will be tomorrow morning now, which could be worse I guess. Finally didn’t get to chat about some stuff with Mum as I kind of chickened out a bit, don’t know why really, guess I’m just a bit of a wimp :S. I can’t put any more detail than that, sorry, one day it will all make sense, I hope!

So it’s been a good weekend, nice to see people from Church and get to chat to Toni a bit as well.

See you all soon,

God bless,


2 Responses to “Blog post from the train home”

12th November 2007
10:20 am

“alas” was used a few times in that :P
glad u had a good weekend at home

13th November 2007
7:30 pm

Good to see you Sunday AM, if only briefly.

You really need to have that chat with your mum, I reckon.


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